fleur . de . lune



How it all started...

I’ve always wanted to wander and explore earth while helping the people and environment around me. In search of a health conscious career about 10 years ago I entered a program for holistic health and lifestyle coaching. This opened my eyes to the bigger picture of self-care. Ideally my version of a healthy lifestyle is holistic, eco based, organic and balanced. Sharing is caring, so I try to spread my love and passion for this with people everyday.

All of this sharing lead me to finding an amazing yoga teacher training program that involved everything from massage, herbs, ayurveda, kundalini! Over the year during my training I started learning and making malas for fun/myself :) and my fellow teacher trainees began asking me to create personalized gemstone malas for their meditation practice too. The amazing properties and the power these gemstones hold was apparent when my new friends in yoga decided to commision me to make malas for our teachers as a gift for getting us all the way through teacher training.

Thus my very own business began. Fast forward, after many orders from my amazing friends, family, and beyond I have found that making these malas IS a form of meditation for me. Malas are traditionally used for prayer and meditation so it just made sense for me to just keep going with it.

With love, Aude.